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About John

As the founder of John Saar Properties, I have given myself the creative license to improve mainstream real estate marketing. For the last twenty years I have enjoyed almost every phase of real estate, including sales, personal investing and management.  Creating a new adventure in advertising and marketing as an art form has always intrigued me.  Being a trend setter in a sophisticated way has impacted my exposure and success on the Monterey Peninsula in a very positive way. 

One of the most successful measurements of a man is his passions. When you can take your personal passions and turn them loose on your chosen profession, you are truly blessed. John Saar has created the largest independently owned and operated real estate company on the Monterey Peninsula based on his passion for helping people through the process, photography, landscaping, and his relentless pursuit of marketing perfection. His vision & passion are contagious as his agents hone their marketing skills. I sat down with John to talk about his unique marketing style and try to find out why he is universally respected as the best marketing Realtor on the Monterey Peninsula.


A Carmel resident put it best when they said; "It’s John’s eye for details. He knows what activates the buyer’s hot button."  She went on to describe having her home on the market for more than a year and a half with another real estate firm. When she finally decided to make the switch to John Saar Properties she was amazed the very first day of the listing,   John had a list of things that would enhance the appeal of the home and instantly started making changes. John suggested power-washing the roof of the home, which showed false signs of aging due to tall oak trees. “Who would think to power-wash a roof,” she said. John also went on to move furniture around, change the wattage of various light bulbs throughout the house to balance out most of the homes great natural light. “When it comes to bringing out the natural beauty in a home, John is a genius.” 

John works closely with his full-time gifted graphics designer, meticulously manipulating and modifying graphics, ad copy, color and the overall balance of marketing material before it is finally approved. “John won’t release an ad that  doesn’t live up to his vision." Watching John endlessly change lenses and lighting to get the perfect shot or wrestle with phrases to properly capture the buyers imagination is like watching a maestro manipulating his instruments in a ballet of creativity in an endless pursuit of perfection. 

Visiting with John at his delightfully unpretentious Big Sur home, sitting on the deck surveying his 20 acre spread.  John’s eyes light up as he preaches about the evolving landscape and his 10-year plan to transform this once untamed land into a living breathing work of art. When rattling off the various scientific names of the endemic & drought resistant plant life one would think they were sitting with a botanical expert not a 30 year real estate professional with more than 1,000 home sales under his belt. 

I encourage you to find the real estate section of a local newspaper or magazine to appreciate the Art of Real Estate. You can also visit to see homes represented by John Saar. Give John a call.  He always has time to indulge in another passion, meeting people and discussing this beautiful peninsula.